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2021 Year of Ox Chinese Paper Cutting - 2021牛年迎新春儿童剪纸活动

The Chinese paper cutting is a unique art of paper design, which is believed to date back to Eastern Han Dynasty. Chinese people believe the papercuts symbolize luck and happiness. As people used to put the red cut-outs on windows and doors to decorate their houses in celebration of the Chinese New Year or other important festivals and events (i.e. birthdays, weddings, etc.), this traditional folk art is known as 窗花(chuāng huā) in Chinese, meaning window flowers. Such a beautiful name, right?

Check out our latest paper cutting templates, the 2021 edition, specially designed in celebration of the Year of Ox. It is a combination of an ox head (served as a frame) and the Chinese character '春' (chūn), standing for the spring season as well as the Spring Festival.

Check out the video below to view our step-by-step tutorials on how to make these beautiful window flowers.

1. Ox Head Frame - Spring Paper Cutting

2. Love Heart Frame - Spring

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Hope you have heaps of fun with this paper cutting activity.😊


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