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Remote Language Learning and Teaching #3 - Learn Colours in Mandarin Chinese (Beginner Chinese)

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Language: Mandarin

Level: Beginners (Primary - Lower Secondary)

Overview: Students are going to watch the pre-recorded tutorial on Colours and complete the set learning tasks.

Watch the tutorial on COLOURS and complete the below learning tasks.

Learning Intentions

We are learning to:

  • say say different colours in Mandarin Chinese;

  • understand and recognise the formation of nouns and adjectives regarding colours;

  • talk about colours one likes and dislikes;

  • conduct simple conversations around colours.

Learning Content



红色 red 蓝色 blue 黄色 yellow 橙色 orange 绿色 green 紫色 purple 粉色 pink 紫红色 fuchsia 棕色 brown 黑色 black 白色 white 灰色 grey 金色 gold 银色 silver 彩色 multi-colour


浅light 深dark


喜欢 like 不喜欢dislike 最喜欢 most like 最不喜欢 most dislike


1. Use and Formation of Adjectives

Group ①

红 red 蓝 blue 黄 yellow 橙 orange 绿 green 紫 purple 粉 pink 紫 fuchsia 棕 brown 黑 black 白 white 灰 grey

Colours Adjectives (Mandarin Chinese)

Group ②

红的 red 蓝的 blue 黄的 yellow 橙的 orange 绿的 green 紫的 purple 粉的 pink 紫的 fuchsia 棕的 brown 黑的 black 白的 white 灰的 grey 金的 gold 银的 silver 彩的 multi-colour

Colours Adjectives (Mandarin Chinese)

Group ③

红色的 red 蓝色的 blue 黄色的 yellow 橙色的 orange 绿色的 green 紫色的 purple 粉色的 pink 紫色的 fuchsia 棕的 brown 黑色的 black 白色的 white 灰色的 grey 金色的 gold 银色的 silver 彩色的 multi-colour

Colours Adjectives (Mandarin Chinese)

2. Sentence Structures

Asking about colours

Q: 这 (那) 是什么颜色?What colour is this (that)?

A: 这 (那) 是 … 。This (that) is …

Talking about likes and dislikes

Q: 你(不)喜欢什么颜色?What colour do you (dis)like?

A: 我(不)喜欢 … 。I (dis)like …

‣ Talking about favourites and least favourites

Q: 你最(不)喜欢什么颜色?What colour do you (dis)like most?

A: 我最(不)喜欢 … 。I (dis)like … most.

Learning Resources

Read out the description and colour in each picture accordingly.

Materials for teaching the Colours Unit.

Colours Activity Pack (Mandarin Chinese)

4 Sets of Cards - I Have Who Has (Colours)

4 Sets of Cards - Colours Match Clip Cards

Word Mat

Colours Handwriting Worksheets

Bonus Pack - All About Colours Worksheets (26 pages in total: 11 differentiated worksheets, one set of rainbow writing worksheets, one set of flashcards)



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