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Remote Language Learning and Teaching #1 - Learn Clothes in Mandarin Chinese

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

As Australian schools have transitioned to remote teaching and learning due to COVID-19, it is time for us language teachers to adapt ourselves to this new situation, sharing and collaborating with one another and reflecting on how to make second language learning possible, meaningful and virtual for all learners.

Following is an example of me teaching clothes in Mandarin Chinese to beginners remotely. If you have any questions or great ideas to share, please don't hesitate to leave a comment down below.


Topic: Clothes

Language: Mandarin

Level: Beginners (Primary - Lower Secondary)

Overview: Students are going to watch the pre-recorded tutorial on Clothes and complete the set learning tasks. They are also required to take the quiz to evaluate their learning.

Watch the tutorial on CLOTHES and complete the below learning tasks.

Learning Intentions:

We are learning to:

  • say clothes in Mandarin Chinese;

  • recognise and identify the most commonly used verbs;

  • describe the clothes people wear;

  • conduct simple conversations regarding clothes.

Tasks For Learners:

★Before watching the video

Get your pens and notebook ready. Turn off irrelevant apps and get ready for learning.

Read the instructions below.

★During watching the video

1. Take down notes:

  • new vocabulary

  • important verbs

  • sentence structure

  • dialogue

Your notes should contain three components: Chinese characters, Pinyin & English meanings.

E.g. 衣服 (yī fu) - clothes

Extension: You might also want to add illustrations to your notes by drawing relevant pictures.

2. Read after the video when learning new words.

Pay attention to how each word is pronounced.

Tips: Read along with the video whenever you can. Pause and rewind when necessary.

3. Complete the learning tasks embedded in the tutorial.

★After watching the video

1. Worksheet

Click the link to download the worksheet. Label each piece of clothing.

2. Quizlet

Follow the provided steps and learn the new language points on Quizlet.

3. Kahoot!

Complete the set challenge on Kahoot. You may attempt this challenge more than once.

4. Quiz (on YouTube)

Take this quiz. Detailed instructions can be found below.

(This tutorial is made for Mandarin beginners. Mandarin teachers are also encouraged to use this resource in their own teaching. )


Complete the quiz on CLOTHES.

Tasks for learners:

Get your pens and paper ready. Write down your answers on a piece of paper.

Speaking - Extension Task:

Write down your script (in Pinyin or Chinese characters). Practise reading out your script until you are fluent. Then have yourself recorded.

Note: You might want to challenge yourself by completing this quiz without referring to your notes. However, you are allowed to use the notes you have taken when doing this quiz. If you have used any source of assistance, try to complete the quiz (without referring to your notes or dictionary) again in a few days' time.


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