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My Body Parts Activity Pack in Mandarin Chinese | 身体部位


Activities included in this pack have been purposefully designed and selected for teaching and learning the Body Parts unit. With assistance of the provided materials, students learn to identify and name different body parts, and to describe people's appearance using familiar sentence structures.


This set includes:

  • Worksheets with instructions
  • (Note: for all included worksheets, students can write in either Chinese characters or Pinyin according to their levels.)
  • Answer keys
  • A set of Mix&Mach Cards
  • A set of Clip Cards


Language points covered in this pack:






大 big 小 small

粗 thick 细 thin 长 long 短 short

胖 fat 瘦 slim

高 tall 矮 short


Sentence Structure

Personal pronoun + 的+ Body part + Adj.

e.g. 他的眼睛大。



Total Pages: 48 pages

Answer Key: Included

Teaching Duration: 4 weeks


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My Body Parts Activity Pack in Mandarin Chinese | 身体部位