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Numbers 1-10 Worksheets in Mandarin Chinese | Hanzi Version

This collection of Numbers 1-10 worksheets is designed to help young learners develop their ability to sayidentify and recognise numbers in Mandarin Chinese with a focus on building handwriting skills.


This collection of worksheets include a Cover page with instructions, a WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like) and 10 worksheets. This collection of worksheets aims to help young learners to practise and consolidate their speaking, reading as well as handwriting skills in terms of the basic numbers 1-10.


This collection can be printed out as a students workbook and used in a variety of ways. It could be either used for PRACTICE in the language classroom when numbers are first introduced, or REVISION before introducing new content, or (formative/diagnostic) ASSESSMENT when the knowledge of numbers needs to be assessed. This collection can also be used as CATCH-UP activities for students with no prior learning experience.


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Note: This collection is NOT included in the Numbers Activity Pack.


This collection is designed for Mandarin learners aged 7 or above.

☑️ For younger learners, please check Numbers 1-10 (Kindy) or Numbers 1-10 (Pinyin Version)

☑️ For background learners, please check Numbers 11-20 (Hanzi version)


♥︎If you like this collection, check out the Numbers Activity Pack in Mandarin Chinese.

Total Pages: 11 pages

Answer Key: Does not apply

Teaching Duration: N/A


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