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Match It! - Engaging Language Learning Activity

Match It! is an excellent activity for improving secondary language learners' speaking, listening and reading comprehension skills.

This activity can be used at different stages of learning. It is perfect for reinforcing and consolidating new vocabulary. It is also very useful as a revision activity or as an informal assessment. Integrated language skills are drilled and enhanced in this activity. It is super fun and engaging. It is the kinds of activity that will actively involve students and make your class spark!

The simplest way to play is to mix up all cards and match them up. Students practise their reading comprehension skills in this process. To level up the game, the whole class can play together to drill both listening and reading skills. Students should have all cards mixed and spread out on the floor or on a table in front of them. The teacher (or nominate a student) calls out a random word in the target language, the rest of class should quickly identify the word, find the correct cards (both the word and the picture) and match them up. Ask students to say the word out loud when matching them up.(For high level students, they need to come up with a sentence containing this word!) Once students are familiar with this process, they can play either in pairs or small groups.

Take a look at the sample cards:

Another way of playing - Flip Flop

Make it even more fun with Flip Flop! Students can play individually or in pairs. Playing in pairs will certainly spice up the game. Students shuffle their 2 sets of cards and spread them face down on the table or floor. Each time they can flip over two cards. If the two cards match, the person needs to call out that word in Chinese. Then they can keep the cards and keep playing. If the cards do not match or the person cannot say that word successfully, they need to turn the cards back and it moves to the next player. When all the cards are matched, the game ends! The player with the most cards wins!

Click on the link to view our Match It! Cards Collection (in Mandarin Chinese) which provides 30 original sets of beautifully-designed cards covering 30 most common topics.

Happy matching everyone! ☺︎


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